Drama after Kris became inactive and BaekYeon was Announced. Here live on EXO Drama News.

After Kris left, Tao was left with no one but his bestfriend Sehun and soon became REALLY CLOSE.

But it seems like after chasing Luhan so long and Sehun finally leaving him, Luhan finally noticed him, missing all his touches and how Sehun chase afyer him.

Luhan left XuiMin to Chen, knowing that Chen really liked Xuimin, and is TRYING to win Sehuns heart back.

Now let us go to the part where BaekHyun and Taeyeon are dating. Now that the whole universe has known about the relationship, ChanYeol must have felt lonely. And he cant be lonely cause he is the happy virus.

He aimed for BaekHyun’s bestfriend Kyungsoo, who was almost going to a relationship with JongIn. But since he is heart broken, he needs time and a new love so he aimed for KyungSoo to make BaekHyung jealous.

Now that the third wheel has entered preventing them both from getting into a relationship, Kai is now very lonely and told Luhan about his problems which is what Luhan is also experiencing.

Kai has to fight his way through to win KyungSoo’s heart again. Let us watch who will be the lucky man that Kyungsoo will chose. But after Chanyur proposed it seems like kyuggie is taken. So. Who is his real bf?? That all for news tonight on EXO Tumblr News. GoodNight.

More details will be said in the next update of EXO Drama News. Please follow and stay tuned

*DISCLAIMER* All the things said is all my opinion about what is happening. It MIGHT not be real. Pleasw dont think this is real. The EXO Drama News is just created by me.

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    This is how I really think is happening. More details will be out but it is just all my opinion.
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